Due to the high cohesion of cohesive soils, it is usually not possible to improve the storage density by pure shaking or stamping. In order to be able to improve the characteristics of binding soils, however, the upcoming soil is completely displaced in the first step by the insertion of a deep vibrator, and then the cavity created during the pulling of the vibrator is completely displaced by the insertion of a deep vibrator. coarse-grained gravel material. For additional displacement and resulting compaction of the soil, the pilgrim step process is retracted into the filled material with the vibrator until given parameters such as quantity of built-in material or energy requirement of the vibrator are achieved.


  • indirect land development for each column
  • easy adjustment to changing ground conditions
  • direct reproduction of the degree of compression


  • High level of technical equipment required
  • special carrier devices or additional hydraulic power units necessary
  • resulting high BE costs
  • Depth limitation by dimensioning the carrier device
  • limited in load removal

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