The Geopier Rampact system is a cost-effective alternative to conventional soil improvement or foundation systems, especially in building conditions where the load-bearing horizon is comparatively close to the surface.

By introducing the conical displacement spine, the upcoming soil is displaced and compacted laterally. After reaching the desired depth, a high-quality gravel is guided over the displacement spine into the resulting cavity. By applying vertical ramming energy into the substrate and inserting and compacting the gravel material, highly stiff elements are produced in the subsurface.

Due to the conical shape of the thorn, the Geopier Rampact system is ideal for contaminated soils as it prevents the loaded soil from being towed away. Even in comparatively flat heterogeneous fillings, this system is a powerful alternative. If the loads to be borne exceed rampact’s performance capacity, we can offer you another highly efficient solution to your start-up problem with the patented Armorpact system.

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Mario Schliefke
Managing director

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