Densipact is a cost-effective system for increasing the storage density in loose to medium-tight rolling soils (narrowly graded sands and sand-gravel mixtures, sloppy sands, narrowly graded sand-suff mixtures).

Densipact replaces traditional soil improvements and eliminates the need for complex soil replacement work or deep foundations. Due to the shape and arrangement of the compaction lances, high strengths and stiffnesses are realized. With the Densipact system, load values of up to 650kN/m2 have already been demonstrated and thus the high efficiency has been demonstrated.


  • Groundwater independent
  • high performance approaches
  • improved area directly resilient
  • no attack of drilling material
  • Cost savings of up to 50 compared to traditional methods

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GEOPIER Densipact

Mario Schliefke
Managing director

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