Geopier Geo Concrete Columns short GCC is a fully displacing system in which slender concrete columns are produced with an elaborate concrete base. By inserting a concrete-based heathing pipe, the upcoming floor is displaced and thus the stiffness and load-bearing capacity is increased at the first step, after reaching the foundation horizon is pulled gradually and again penetration of the heathing tube of the pile foot.

Depending on the soil conditions, the pile foot adapts to the ground, interlocks and thus additionally increases its load-bearing capacity. After the foot production, the sheathing pipe is pulled further under concrete load, whereby the resulting cavity is filled directly, a re-energized of the floor is prevented.

The Geopier GCC columns are characterized by their high load capacity with a comparatively narrow cross-section, due to the possibility to react directly to fluctuating soil conditions, this system is a highly efficient and reliable alternative to conventional start-up variants such as boring piles. Since the upcoming soil is not extracted but is completely displaced and therefore does not have to be disposed of, the GCC is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly start-up method.

Mario Schliefke
Managing director

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