Today’s construction sites are often distinguished by variable and complex soil conditions that require soil improvement. Schliefke geopier systems provide a tailor-made, cost-effective and well-founded solution that ensures the highest level of performance and reliability.

Geopier technologies have been shown to support soil improvement for both the commercial and private construction sectors.

From office buildings, hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, from logistics halls to transport infrastructure to wind energy and private housing, geopier® solutions for soil improvement can be found everywhere in a variety of different systems that can be found in a variety of different systems. in size, complexity and their application.

Public buildings

Geopier® systems reinforce the ground for a variety of public buildings, including supermarkets, furniture stores or fire-fighting equipment stores.

Health and education

Schliefke geopier systems are used in many medical and educational facilities to create a building base: for example, in hospitals, medical clinics, school buildings, student dormitories as well as sports facilities and stadiums.

Production buildings and logistics halls

The application of Geopier soil improvement systems is particularly diverse, comprehensive, time-saving and efficient when establishing automotive production facilities, storage facilities, high-bay warehouse processing plants, warehouses, refineries and a number of other manufacturing and industrial structures.

Multi-family houses and private housing

The compact technical solutions of our systems can be used even to improve demanding soil conditions and thus to establish multi-family houses, townhouses, condominiums, retirement homes and mixed-use residential buildings. be used.

Municipal buildings

Municipal structures often require geopier®-ground improvement to support community buildings such as fire brigades and police stations, town halls, parks and sports facilities. In addition, numerous water and wastewater treatment plants are being built on geopier systems.

Silos and tanks in agriculture

Schliefke geopier systems often offer a cost-effective solution for the support of large storage tanks, agricultural storage tanks and other storage facilities.

Wind energy

Wind turbines up to 200 m high are not uncommon nowadays. Compromises and concessions on the building site cannot be granted. Geopier has unmatched experience in supporting energy suppliers for wind towers, ethanol plants, biofuel plants, power generation plants and other alternative energy centers.

Road construction

The requirements in all construction areas on the building site are becoming more and more complex and complex. Technological ideas as well as time- and cost-saving solutions are also in demand and unavoidable in traffic route construction. For example, Schliefke Geopier systems can support bridge foundations, improve dam insurrection areas or simply consolidate poor inhomogeneous and unsustainable surfaces. As in all other applications, construction sites can be drained or drained by the production of special drainage columns.


Mario Schliefke
Managing director

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